Within the first 12 months (no extension afterwards) after your purchase and the installation of our products, you are entitled to a warranty that covers repairs and if required a replacement of the product. The warranty applies specifically to customers in the UK, and all the necessary terms are clearly explained in our Terms & Conditions. You should carefully  go through them so as to protect yourself from any actions that can terminate the viability of your warranty. Make sure to keep your receipts safe as they  serve as proof for any claim to be made under your warranty in case of any eventuality that a fault develops. Our products are made so naturally that they could possess some features that are naturally inconsistent (like formation of veinings), or there could be some slight  graduated difference in the colouration; we would not consider either of those cases to be in breach of our agreement.




It covers the configuration of the concrete materials we produced provided you bought the material with any observable fault during the period of the warranty. Given that you have engaged us do your concrete works and fittings, then we guarantee you a satisfactory experience as our experts are certain to make your project one which meets all of your requirements, coupled with a great installation that meets your specific demands. We reserve the right to do a total fixing or a partial fixing, as well as the right to compensate you financially so long as the fault is of a nature that demands that outcome. Suppose a replacement of a product is required, it is within our discretion to replace such a product with a closely related one that will serve the same function. It is important to note that any expenses made to fix any fault prior to when you inform us is solely on you; you should let us know of any developments before venturing into fixing our products.




Some faults that develop are not covered by our warranty. Some of them are:

  1. The repair or replacement of any third party components;
  2. We do not take responsibility for marks, scrapings, and cracks
  3. Defects that arise because of the temperature or chopping food materials on the surface.
  4. Faults from chemical spillage and knocking of the surfaces
  5. We do not fix natural inconsistencies like veining and colour graduation.
  6. A deformation within 0mm to 5mm would not be considered a serious fault.
  7. Using the product to carry out a service that you did not indicate during installation would not be covered by our warranty.
  8. Any defect that arises from failing to follow the instructions given in this manual and the Terms and Conditions.
  9. Mobile units that are not intended to last for very long time.
  10. Any fault that arises from the wrong installation or product maintenance by a non-Stonemade installer.
  11. A product that we did not manufacture is not covered by our warranty.
  12. Faults that arose from natural hazards.
  13. The silicone that comes with the product should be destroyed as soon as the product is installed.
  14. The configuration of the space to set up the concrete product might be unstable and unfit for such installation. Under such circumstances any fault that might arise is not our responsibility. Clearly, that fault did not originate from us and leaves us free from any obligation to fix such a fault.
  15. When the Stonemade agents are on the site that would be the appropriate time to forward any issues to us, any time other than that the matter would be out of our area of responsibility.

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